Hullachan Boys Reel
Hullachan Boys Reel Hullachan Boys Reel Hullachan Boys Reel Hullachan Boys Reel

Hullachan Boys Reel

Summary of Features

  • Lightweight - Reduces fatigue
  • Clever Insoles - Protects & cushions
  • Stronger Leather Uppers - Enhanced durability
  • Perforated black suede sole - Increased flexibility & control
  • Concorde Lite heels - 30% lighter!

The Hullachan boys reel shoe has been designed to meet the demands of modern male Irish dancers.

Designed by Craig Coussins and Antonio Pacelli, it is lighter and stronger than any other boys reel shoe on the market.

The leather is made from a higher grade of leather than the Capezio Boys Reel making is stronger and more resistant to tearing during training and competitions whilst still allowing maximum feel and control.

The heel has been reinforced so it feels secure on the foot and the shoe has been fitted with a new kind of insole. The insoles are made from a combination of materials which protect and cushion your feet and joints. 

Hullachan boys reel shoes are also fitted with the Concorde Lite heel which is 30% lighter than our standard Concorde heel. This creates a more balanced shoe and allows you to dance at optimal levels for longer.

Try the new Hullachan Boys Reel and feel how different a shoe designed just for male Irish dancers feels. You will definitely notice feel the difference!

Click here to watch our video on the Hullachan Boys Reel shoe.

Sizing Advice

The Hullchan Boys reel are generous in fitting so we would suggest ordering 1.5 sizes smaller than your normal UK shoe size. (1 size smaller you have a wider foot). 

e.g. If you are normally a size 8 UK with a standard width foot then order a size 6.5 UK. If you have a normally an 8 UK and have a wide foot then order then a size 7 UK.

You can order your pair now directly from  Antonio Pacelli