Hullachan 4 - Embrace (HP4)
Hullachan 4 - Embrace (HP4) Hullachan 4 - Embrace (HP4) Hullachan 4 - Embrace (HP4) Hullachan 4 - Embrace (HP4) Hullachan 4 - Embrace (HP4)

Hullachan 4 - Embrace (HP4)

 We are delighted to announce the latest innovative pump from Hullachan Pro. We have been working hard on designing the next generation of Irish dance pumps and we have delivered this with the H4 - Embrace.


What are the new features of the H4 Embrace?

Irish dancers loved the arch eyelet on the H3 and the way it supports the foot whilst creating a fantastic arch profile.

Our designers have been working hard, devising a way to provide the same level of support and wow factor arch profile, without the need for the arch eyelet system.

Well, our designers have done it!  

We are proud to introduce the H4 'Embrace', which has an arch cradle, an elastic designed into the pump which supports your arches and gives an amazing arch profile without the need for complicated lacing!

Summary Of Features

  • *NEW* Elastic arch cradle
    - Supports the foot and creates a wow factor arch profile!
  • Same higher heel seat as the H3
    - For a secure fit around the heel.
  • Clever Insoles
    - Protects & cushions with a dual layer insole at the toe and heel
  • Softer leather uppers
    - Slight give in the leather for a great fit without overstretching
  • Seam free front
    - Prevents friction damage

The H4 is fitted with the same Clever Insoles as the H3.

Clever Insoles use a combination of materials to protect and cushion your feet and joints - a real improvement over other insoles currently available on the market. The insole is covered in a wick-away Camberelle lining, removing the chance of the Poron cracking or tearing due to age.

The pump is made from the same leather as the H3 which is softer than the H1 and H2 leathers. The leather we use in the H3 and H4 allows for a slight stretch for an improved fit and has been finished in a red suede lining for a wonderful touch of elegance.

Sizing Tips

Order the same size as your H3 pumps or half a size smaller than your H1 or H2 size.

Order your normal shoe size if you prefer a looser fit.

We are planning a September 2016 launch but you can pre-order your pair now direct from the Antonio Pacelli website.