Sizing Guide

I want your Hullachan shoes to fit you perfectly and for you and your Hullachans to become one when you dance.

I do supply shops and vendors around the world but if you are reading this guide then it is likely that you will be fitting them yourself, so I want to give you some guidance on how to help ensure you get the right fit for you and your feet.

It is important to remember that some dancers prefer a very tight fit, others less so. This needs to be taken into account when determining your Hullachan size.

Another important point is that the foot is a three dimensional shape. Not only do you need to account for the foot length, but also its width and height (the depth of your arch). That is why I have designed three widths and two styles for you.

If you are a dancer who has problems fitting pumps due to the shape of your feet or an old injury then please remember that I am happy to send out several pairs for you to try.

You can then experiment with the different sizes and fittings to get the right fit for you. We do charge for each pair but the postage isn’t much more for several pairs over one pair and you may save money in the long run on postal fees. When you have found the correct size simply return the other pairs and your credit card will be refunded for those ones.

What size should I choose?

The size you need depends on what Hullachan product you are selecting, so please refer to the sizing advice on the individual page of the product you are interested in.


What width fitting should I choose?

Once you have your Hullachan size it is time to consider your width. 

The narrow width is 2mm narrower than the medium width; the wide fitting is 2mm wider.

Dancers usually know if they have a narrow or wide foot based on their normal shoe shopping experience. If you often find commercial shoes too tight and they squeeze the side of your feet then go for the wider width.

If your foot normally doesn’t feel secure in commercial shoes and has lateral movement then opt for the narrow.

Select the width that works best for you.


Specific advice for Irish dancers

Which Irish dance pump should I go for if I have low arches?

I would recommend the H2 if you have a low arch as they have been designed with this shape of foot in mind. The sole will help you accentuate your arch and make the absolute most of what you have.

Which Irish dance pump should I pick if I have normal or high arches?

The H1 is the pump for you.


Specific advice for Highland dancers

Which Highland pump should I go for if I have low arches?

I would strongly recommend the Highland Sadie Simpson (HSS) as the sole has been designed to help you accentuate your arch and make the absolute most of what you have.

Which Highland pump should I pick if I have normal or high arches?

The Highland Competitive ghillies (HHC) are the one for you.


I have received my Hullachans, what next?

Here is my recommended way to fit your Hullachans when you receive them…

  1. Pull the toe of the ghillies up and over your toes by pulling each side of the toe up and over your toes.
  2. Tighten all the way up to the top of the loops or eyelets if it is a highland shoe.
  3. Go through the back loop and then through the back eyelet and pull the heel up firmly.
  4. Come through the front eyelets and pull each side up to get the arch to fit correctly.

How do they feel?

The shoe should be close fitting but your toes should not have to be curled to make them fit. The leather in Hullachan shoes are pre-stretched and whilst they will give a little due to being an organic material, the stretch out is a lot less than other styles of ghillies.

If there is space at the toe double check you are you pointing your toe correctly.

The toes should never be bent when pointing. Curling your toes is an incorrect technique and will cause the shoe to have a space in the toe area. Always keep your toes straight when you point as that strengthens the arch of the foot and stretches the tendons.

If you are having trouble getting them on then please read my recommended way of fitting above to ensure you are doing it correctly.

Please feel free to dance a few steps on carpet (please do not dance outside or on a surface which will mark the soles) to see how they feel.

The Hullachan takes about a week’s wear, depending on the frequency of your training and classes to soften and conform to the shape of your foot.