Where can I purchase Hullachan products from?

This site is currently for information purposes only and is there to help you choose the correct Hullachan product for you. We are looking to add purchasing facilities but this will not be available until the Spring.

You can purchase through most good dance vendors across the world.

In the meantime we have added a buy link on each product page which will take you through to our primary distributors ; Antonio Pacelli for the Irish range and Scottish Dance Shoes for the Highland and Scottish Country Dancing.

What size should I order?

I recommend that you look at the individual sizing advice on the product you are interested in as sizing does differ between the different models I have designed.

What width should I order?

I have designed a lot of the Hullachan models in 3 widths. The narrow is 2mm narrower than the medium fitting and the wide is 2mm wider than medium fit.

This may not seem much but you will see the difference when trying them on. Some dancers ask me if they should go for the narrow or wide and without seeing their feet it is difficult to say. If you have trouble with getting a comfortable width in your everyday shoes then I would always recommend a wide fitting. Narrow is the best fitting for dancers who find normal shoes roomy.

Can I order more than pairs than I need to try on?

I completely understand that fitting through the post can be difficult. Both Antonio Pacelli and Scottish Dance Shoes are happy to send our more pairs than you need so you can get the right fit. They will charge for all the pairs sent but will refund your credit card when they receive back the unwanted pairs. If you are clever you can get the shoes returned before your credit card bill is due and hence only pay for the size that you have kept.

If ordering from another vendor then please check their individual policy before ordering.

Do I have to pay the postage to return items?

Unless an error has been made in your order then yes, it is probable that you would be responsible for the cost of sending back any unwanted pairs.

When returning items, especially from outside the EU, please remember to mark both the box and customs slip ‘Returning to Manufacturer’ to ensure they do not get caught in customs and possibly incur customs charges.

However I recommend you speak to the vendor purchased from for clarification of their individual policy.

How long should my pumps last?

Let me give you some comparisons.

A runner will expect a pair of running shoes to last 200 to 300 miles. That can equate to two or three weeks. The shoes look fine but the support will have gone. A ballerina can go through a pair of Pointe Shoes in one performance.

Hullachan Dance shoes are no different depending on the level at which you dance. A novice can expect around four to six months from shoes depending on growth of the dancer. A dancer at championship level will probably go through shoes three times a year or every four to six weeks. After a year your shoes may still look alright but the support may well have gone and the leather stretched too much. While we do not make shoes in leather that over-stretches the material is never the less organic and as such may eventually breakdown with bacteria from the foot's perspiration.

In all instances please read the aftercare advice offered here to make your shoes survive the rigours of dance, practice and competition.

Where can I find a local Hullachan Pro vendor?

If you would prefer to be fitted by a local fitter then please email in and we can search for a stockist in your area.