Aftercare and Lacing

Lacing Your Hullachan pumps

  1. Lace through the loop at the front of the shoe
  2. Thread each lace through the closest loop on either side (do not cross the laces at this point)
  3. Cross over the laces and thread the laces through the loop on the opposite side. Continue doing this until you reach the top of the front of the shoes.
  4. Lace the end of the lace through the SECOND set of eyelets from the inside.
  5. Take through the back loop.
  6. Pull the heel up onto the foot with the laces.
  7. Lace through the FIRST set of eyelets now.
  8. Pull the excess lace from the front of the foot through the eyelets.
  9. Tie in front and either cut off or tuck in.

Always pull the heel up tightly when your laces are through the back loop and then pull the sides up when the side eyelets are laced.

This will stop the shoe digging into your Achilles and reduce damage over the arch of the foot.



While a dancer’s shoes may not be the most sparkly or colourful part of their kit bag, it is arguably the most important part. It is the dancer’s connection to the floor and acts as a barrier to impact shock on joints and tendons.

5 tips to extend the life of you Hullachans!

  1. Dry your shoes after use

    Did you know that your foot has 125,000 sweat glands? During a normal dance competition they can produce half a litre of perspiration. Never just put your shoes away after a competition and only see them again when you next dance. I recommend that you air and dry the shoes between uses. Hang the shoes in a warm area but not on a direct heat such as a radiator.

  2. Clean and feed the leather once a week

    Clean your shoes regularly with a damp cloth. Rub dry and then apply a shoe cream to feed the leather.

  3. Look after the stitching

    Treat stitching with beeswax once a week. Run the corner of a beeswax stick over the stitching that is in contact with the ground. The shoes components are both stitched and glued so if stitching should wear away the glue will still hold the component onto the upper.

  4. Do minor repairs to increase the life of the shoe

    You can extend the life of your Hullachans if you are willing to do minor repairs yourself. For example cracked poron pads can be replaced (it is normal for them to deteriorate over time) by a local shoe maker or craftsman. Simply remove the cracked pad and fix in new pads (available via Antonio Pacelli) with a contact adhesive. DO NOT USE SUPERGLUE as it will melt the pad!

  5. Alternative shoes between practice sessions

    Having two pairs of shoes can dramatically increase the life of each pair. Not only are you allowing each pair to completely dry out between uses, you are also allowing the leather to relax which can prevent overstretching.